7 Steps to Follow Jesus >

Step 1:  Be awake to God’s Word to you
Truth: God’s Word has the Answers
Read: II Timothy 3:16-17  
Challenge:  Knowing Jesus means Knowing what He says.  The Bible has everything you need to know about life and godliness.  Take some time during the day to read your Bible.  The book of John is a good place to start.  Start slow, read a few verses and think them over.  Look for what God has to say to you, or promises he makes, or things He says about himself.  

Step 2:  Be aware of God’s Character
Truth: NO matter what God is good!
Read: Psalm 34:8
Challenge:  If God is truly good and love then take time to acknowledge that.  Write out what’s going on in your life and always remember that God is good and He might be trying to teach you something.   

Step 3:  Never forget God’s gift to you
Truth: Jesus died for you
Read: Romans 5:8
Challenge: In spite of what you do or have done Jesus still died for you.  It’s easy to forget this wonderful truth and gift.  Salvation comes by faith in this fact that Jesus died and rose for you.  Take time to be thankful and remember what your free gift cost Jesus. 

Step 4:  Acknowledge Your God
Truth: Take time to talk to God
Read: I Thessalonians 5:17
Challenge:  Our trust and our contentment and everything we need comes from talking to God.  Prayer is taking our minds off our problems and giving them to God.  Set an appointment 3 times a day to stop and be quiet and talk to God.  Share everything on your heart with Him! (Prayer Page to learn to pray)

Step 5:  Be accountable to God’s standards
Truth: Give all of me to love God
Read: Romans 12:1
Challenge:  Each day you need to decide who your are going to follow.  Yourself (the flesh) or God (the Spirit).  God gives His standards in His word.  Follow them.  Start each day by welcoming Jesus back into your life and committing to follow Him.

Step 6:  Act as a servant of God
Truth: Show love to God’s world
Read: Acts 1:8
Challenge:  Following Jesus means caring and loving what He cares for and loves.  Jesus loves people, thats why He died for them.  Love people.  Look for ways you can love and take care of people.  Tell them what God is doing for you.

Step 7:  Acquire every resource from God
Truth: Stay connected to Jesus
Read: John 15:4-5
Challenge:  Following Jesus comes with all His promises and blessings.  Never stop growing and receiving from God.  Stand firm in your faith.  Journal the things you learn from God’s word and delight in His words.  Ask God to help you grow!