Prayer is Key to Growing in our Faith!

(Click here for sample prayers to learn how to pray)

A good model to pray is to remember the word ACTS.  These are all important parts of prayer.  Whatever you do don’t forget to take time to talk to God.  

A:  Adoration:  Start with a time of praise and adoration of your Savior

C:  Confession:  Confess your sin and ask God to clean your heart

T:  Thanksgiving:  Spend some time thanking God for the many blessings He has given you

S:  Supplication:  Take time to present your requests to your God

(Pray without ceasing)

Jesus taught us how to Pray in Matthew 6:5-15 Open there and read God's instruction.  (Use your own words and share what is on your heart)

1.  Quiet: Find a private and quiet place to pray.  Prayer is between you and God.  (vs. 5-6)

2.  Faith:  God already knows what you need. No special words needed.  (vs.7-8)

3.  Adoration:  Be respectful.  Praise God and Jesus for who He is.  They are Holy, Righteous, Majestic,  Take time to thank God for who He is.  (vs. 9)

4. Align:  Tell God you want to follow Him and His plan and serve Him today.  Ask God to show you what that is. (vs. 10)

5. Ask:  Ask God to provide what you need for today.  Thank Him if He has already provided in excess. (vs. 11)

6. Confess & Forgive:  They go hand in hand.  Ask God to forgive you for where you mess up.  Forgive others who mess up and hurt you.  (vs. 12 & 14-15)

7. Ask:  Again ask God to help keep you and your loved ones from harm and evil.  (vs. 13)

Exalting Jesus Christ in All We Do!

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