< 7 Core Truths 

Grace Baptist Church believes Jesus Christ is above all things and we believe our purpose is to exalt Him as our Lord and King.  We have 7 core truths we believe everyone needs to understand to start knowing our supreme God.  When you come to Grace Baptist you will hear these truths being discussed and our prayer is that you can know and follow our Lord.  

Statement of faith

We Believe the Bible is the Word of God.  

We Believe in the triune nature of God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We Believe in the personality of the Holy Spirit, His work of regeneration, and His indwelling in the heart of the Believer.

We Believe in the personality of Satan, “the old serpent, the devil and satan, the deceiver of the whole earth.”

We Believe in the death, the burial and the physical resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the fact that He ascended bodily into the heavens and that He is now at the right hand of God as our Mediator, and that He is coming again bodily for His saints and with His saints.

We Believe in the substitutionary Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ and that He, by the grace of God, tasted death for every man and that all must be “Born Again” or be forever lost.

We Believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost: the one to Everlasting Life and the other to Everlasting Damnation.


Exalting Jesus in all we do!