Grace Baptist Church was organized on January 13, 1959, at the Glendale School with six members. The ministry of this church has influenced many people for Jesus. Today we are a unified group of Christ followers who are desiring to know God and His son Jesus even more. Our main purpose is to exalt Jesus in all we do. We want to make a big deal out of our Savior. We try to teach like He did, Love like He did, and Live like He did. God gives us many opportunities to meet and worship together and to live out our faith together. Minford, Ohio is where we are located and we believe God can and will change the world through us. We care for our town, state, country and world and are excited to see How God is going to use us to help build His Kingdom.

Exalting Jesus Christ in All We Do!

Grace Baptist Church  8186 State Route 139 Minford, Ohio 45653  740-820-9003