We are here to help you in all areas of your life.  Please fill out the short form at the end of this page and we will get in contact with you soon!  If you have questions please email us or call @ 740-820-9003

Diagnostic tools: We use helpful counseling forms such as this Personal Data Inventory form, the Problem Pattern Analysis form, and other aids to gain an understanding of the central problems a person is experiencing.

Intent Listening: We encourage the counselee to speak his mind in an appropriate fashion and to discuss his thoughts, anxieties, resentments, and fears so that the counselor will have a clear understanding of the central problem.

Assignments: Counselees make more rapid progress when they are required to study or to perform specific informational or behavioral assignments which pertain to the problem. We tailor these assignments to the individual counselee and the circumstances.

Accountability: We are not interested in wasting the time of the counselors or the counselee. We are interested in believers learning how to experience the peace and joy that results from a walk of obedience to God’s Word, and we hold the counselee accountable for doing the assignments on schedule.

Counseling of minors: Minors will be counseled only after the parents or guardian sign a consent form. Counseling of minors will then be conducted as individual and/or family counseling, depending on the nature of the problems presented.

Scheduling of sessions: No counseling will be provided outside of scheduled sessions. Genuine emergencies and crisis intervention will be handled by the counselor on a case by case basis. Our counselors reserve the right to respond to such situations as they deem appropriate, and most helpful for the counselee.

Referrals and Reports: Referrals and reports to external agencies may be provided when deemed necessary and useful by the counselor, or when required by law.

How long does Biblical Counseling take?

Counseling will vary in the amount of time required according to the individual, his/her motivation, and the nature of the problem. On the average, however, Biblical Counseling requires far less time than conventional secular counseling. One reason is that Biblical Counselors are not interested in prolonging the number of session in order to increase their income. Simple problems are often solved in as little as two or three sessions. Severe problems may require longer periods. Marital counseling may also require more time, depending on the number and entity of the problems presented. Substance abuse problems may require many more sessions, with intensive accountability and follow-up.

How much does it cost?

Biblical Counseling is a ministry Grace Baptist Church. It costs the time, effort and prayers of the counseling team. It is our gift to you.


We are careful to protect each counselee’s confidentiality. For this reason, all information disclosed within the counseling sessions is considered confidential and may not be revealed without your written permission, except for the purpose of supervision. If consultation with other counselors and/or professional becomes necessary beyond the purpose of supervision, the counselee will be informed, and appropriate authorization will be obtained prior to the disclosure of any confidential information.

Please note: If information is revealed in counseling which indicates a genuine potential for harm to a counselee, or others, the counselor will have to share that information with the appropriate authorities or family members, regardless of the wishes of the counselee. This is required by law if counselees intend to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against themselves or other individuals, if the counselee or the counselee’s family is likely to suffer threats, or the result of harmful behavior, or if there is reasonable suspicion of the abuse of elderly persons or children under the age of eighteen. 

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